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Services - " Ski Academy offer a wide range of services in Baqueira Beret "

" Privatte Lessons "

Our private lessons provide the opportunity to learn one on one, or with a small group of family or friends.

They are available in various languages and we provide for all ages and abilities.


" Guided Ski Tours "

If you do not like skiing alone, offer the possibility of discovering the station accompanied by our teachers.

They will guide you through the most interesting station based on your tastes and level of skiing.


" Telemark "

Want to try a different discipline in the world of snow ?

Ski Academy offers the possibility to introduirt'he Telemark or improve .

Telemark is a discipline of Nordic skiing.

Born in Norway 's Telemark region of the same name , about the year 1825 .Telemark is the origin of what is now the modern ski when in antiquity discovered how to make curves in the snow while snow down the mountains .


" Kids "

We are well known amongst families in Baqueira for offering high quality lessons for children of 4 years and above.

At ski academy we understand that children learn best when they are having fun.We take pride in offering your children and incredible mountain experience wich will stay with them forever.

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